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Sheena Livingstone, Principal

Sheena is an Orthopaedic Therapist, with Diplomas in Manipulative Therapy, Advanced Remedial Massage and Sports Therapy. Over the years she has developed several techniques,of her own, using very specific positioning and gentle resistance which are amazing for releasing hypertonic muscles. She uses these, together with more traditional  techniques such as dry needling and craniosacral therapy, working in her own busy clinic at West Linton. Coming from a training background, Sheena founded the Advanced Massage Techniques School in 2009, where she is both Principal and tutor. In addition, she has worked with the athletes at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, the Tug of War World Championships, and Biggar Rugby Club.

She is the Chair of the Association of Massage Therapist’s Scotland, which acts as a network for massage therapists in Scotland, and in particular researches treatment for neuromuscular disorders. She is also a member of the National Association of Massage and Manipulative Therapists.

Beth MacLaughlin, Head Tutor

Beth is an Orthopaedic Therapist. She completed a Complementary Therapy degree at Napier University in 2008 and since then has completed Diplomas with Advanced Massage Techniques School in Orthopaedic Massage and Manipulation and Advanced Remedial Massage, together with her Train the Trainer course with Quest. She balances running a busy clinic in Prestonpans with managing two teenage children.

Kathy O'Neill, Tutor

Kathy started training with Advanced Massage Techniques School in 2014 graduating from the Orthopaedic Massage and Manipulation course in 2021. She now runs a clinic (Blackford Bodywork) from home and also teaches group exercise classes across Edinburgh. 

Kathy is particularly interested in anatomy and physiology, having previously worked as a postdoctoral research biologist at Edinburgh University. She also enjoys expanding her knowledge of rehabilitation, and completed an MSc in Strength and Conditioning in 2019. 

Kathy likes to spend her time hillwalking and CrossFit training.

Nell is an Orthopaedic Therapist, qualified in Manipulative Therapy, Advanced Remedial Massage, Sports Therapy and Oncology Massage. Nell lives in Edinburgh with her family. She has a BSc in Psychology and having previously worked in IT, took the opportunity to pursue her interest in human biology and psychology, through a career in massage. Nell’s student research and dissertation is focused on the impact of trauma and the role of massage in promoting recovery. Nell recognises the importance of safe touch and undertook the Massage in Schools Programme which she hopes to introduce to local Primary Schools. Nell was a competitive gymnast and coach in her youth and is now a keen runner and enjoys the occasional splash in open water.

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