Sheena Livingstone and Beth MacLaughlin

1st Apr 2023

West Linton (20 minutes from Edinburgh City Bypass)

Cost £160.00


Although the cranial bones are connected with strong sutures, these can move slightly. The result can be a simple headache or something more profound. This workshop looks at the assessment and treatment of these cranial bones.


The workshop will include the following:


  • Assessment and Treatment of the TMJ

  • Assessment of the Cranium

    • Visual Levels for Cranium

  • Treatment of the Cranium

    • Cranium Adjustments

      • Frontal/Parietal Bone Adjustment

      • Temporalis/Occiput, Temporalis/Zygomatic, Sphenoid/Zygomatic Release

      • Sphenoid/Mastoid Release

      • Sinus Release

      • Palatine Release

      • Saggital and Coronal Suture Release

      • Treatment for Zygomatic Distortion

      • Treatment for Posterior Occiput

      • Choroid Plexus Release



The workshop is aimed at therapists with good knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and is therefore limited to Advanced Remedial Massage and Manipulative Therapists. Students in Advanced Remedial Massage will also benefit.

This workshop is also part of the Diploma in Orthopaedic Massage and Manipulation and will be run alongside it.

If you would like to attend this fantastic workshop, please complete the application form.